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Athens, Meteora, Milos & Santorini

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Athens, Milos and Santorini

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Athens, Milos, Folegandros and Santorini

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General Information of Milos 


Milos is a gem of an island that has remained relatively untouched, and does not enjoy mass tourism like other Greek islands. Here we will tell you everything about how to travel to Milos, Greece.

The volcanic nature has given rise to a unique archaeological landscape and coastline. You can also find caves, hot springs, salt hotels and a large number of beaches (75 to be exact, yes 75!). Overall, it's a unique island with an interesting history and a lucrative mining past.

While Instagram has helped popularize the island due to its more unique beaches (i.e. Sarakiniko and Tsigrado), Milos has yet to see a tipping point in tourism, which means it remains untouched, reasonably priced, and ready. to be discovered.


Top 5 Activities to Do in Milos


Sailing in Milos


One of the best ways to enjoy Milos is to sail around the island for a day. See the 75 beaches that line the coast of Milos Island, and explore some only accessible by boat, including Gerontas and Gerakas.

The tour also goes to the neighboring islands and natural wonders, Glaronisia and Polyegos. You'll also be provided with snorkeling equipment so you can explore the old pirates' den, Kleftiko Bay.


Tour Sarakiniko Beach


A visit to Milos is not complete without exploring the most famous of the 75 beaches, Sarakiniko Beach. This unique moon-shaped rocky beach was carved over time by natural elements. Spend the day cliff jumping, sunbathing, or exploring (Tip: there's a shipwreck nearby).

Better yet, bring a bottle of wine and a take-out dinner and watch the sunset, and gaze at the stars; you probably have it all to yourself.


Explore the Colorful Village of Klima


Perhaps the most famous village on the island of Milos, Klima is as picturesque as it is colourful. Fishermen's hideaways, known as Syrmata, line the Aegean Sea. Take a walk, pick up local handmade souvenirs, or enjoy a sunset dinner at the only restaurant in town. Better yet, splurge and rent a Syrmata for the night to enjoy the sunset or sunrise from your own balcony.


Swimming in the Kleftiko Caves


It's not every day you get to visit an old pirate's lair. It is not easy to get to Kleftiko Bay, but it is worth the effort. Visit during a day sailing tour, take a private boat, or walk for an hour and a half to get there.

You will be rewarded with caves and crystal-clear turquoise water that you can snorkel and explore. The best part is that the bay is so remote that you won't be swimming with hundreds of people. Bring your underwater camera, you won't want to miss a shot!


Explore Kastro Castle in Milos


The Kastro Castle Ruins are a must-see during your visit. Not only will you get great 360° views of the island, but you'll see the old town where people lived before the city expanded into what is now known as Plaka.

Some locals still live here and the houses that remain are quaint and charming, just as you would expect from an old Greek neighborhood. There are two churches on top and you will be able to watch the sunset from both.


Most Important Sites of Interest in Milos


Lose Yourself in the Capital, Plaka


With so many colorful houses and small cobbled streets, Plaka will satisfy your craving for Cycladic architecture.

Feast on Greek delicacies, get lost in typical Greek cobbled streets and watch the sunset from the Panagia Korfiatissa church.

In addition to a ton of restaurants, Plaka also has three cool museums, including the Archaeological Museum which houses a replica of the Venus de Milos statue.


Beaches of Milos


There are 75 beaches to choose from, and most of them are beautiful! Top beaches like Sarakiniko, Tsigrado and Kleftiko Bay have captivated Instagram, and rightly so.

But there are many others to see. Some are out of the way, some have beach bars, some are great when it's windy, and some are only accessible by boat.


Villages of Milos


In addition to the well-known villages Adamas, Plaka and Klima, Milos has 12 other villages that you can explore. Some are popular and some are remote, but each has its own vibe, energy, and attractions.

There are towns you can miss and others you can skip if you're short on time, however, from fishing villages to port cities, there's something for everyone. Start with Trypiti, Mandrakia, and Pollonia.


The Ancient Theater of Milos


Surround yourself with hundreds of years of history. Enjoy a short walk from Trypiti to the ancient theater and walk around the marble wonder. Sit back and imagine what it would be like to see a play here against the backdrop of beautiful views. On the way to the theater, you'll see the site where the Venus de Milos was discovered in 1820 and now resides in the Louvre.


The Early Christian Catacombs of Milos


Take a short but worthwhile tour of the Roman catacombs, a burial site and place of worship for early settlers from the 1st to 5th century.

The site is close to the Ancient Theater and can be accessed by car (and on foot) from Trypiti. Admission includes a guide and will only cost you around €4.


Monument of the Three Crosses


Less known than the neighboring castle, this monument offers a great view over Triovasalos and other towns. You may find that you have the hill to yourself during your visit to really enjoy.

If you've walked up to the castle from Plaka, consider walking towards Plakes and Triovasalos for a different view.


How to Get to the Island of Milos


There are several ways to get to Milos, Greece. Some options include:

  1. Plane: You can fly from Athens to the island of Milos. Milos airport is located in Adamas, the main town of the island.
  2. Boat: You can take a ferry from Athens, Piraeus or other nearby islands to Milos. Ferries leave daily and the trip lasts from 3 to 5 hours depending on the place of origin.
  3. Ferry: There are also speed boat options that offer faster service from Athens, Piraeus or other nearby islands to Milos.

It is important to note that the availability and frequency of flights and boats may vary depending on the time of year. It is advisable to check with transportation companies or a travel agent for the most up-to-date information before planning your trip.

What are you waiting to know about the island of Milos? It is extremely attractive and offers thousands of different activities for all tastes. If you want to know more about packages to the island or excursions to Milos, take a look!

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