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Rome, Florence, Venice & Milan

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Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Casablanca, Fez, Marrakech and more.

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Milan and Venice from Genoa

8 Days / 7 Nights
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Milan, Como, Bellagio, Varenna, Bergamo, Sirmione, Verona and more.

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General Information about Milan


Milan is a city in Italy located in the Lombardy region. Due to its population density, this metropolis is one of the most populated places in Italy. In addition, it is considered the economic and industrial capital of the country.

Geographically, Milan is characterized by its great plain, its fertile soils and a great climate, conducive to visiting the city practically at any time of the year.

Although, during the spring and summer, its parks full of green are flooded with beautiful flowers that contrast perfectly with the old and modern buildings, creating a true spectacle to behold.

Something important to note is that Milan is known worldwide as the city of fashion, as this city offers glamor and a cosmopolitan lifestyle to the most chic tourists.


Milan: A Cosmopolitan City


Milan has a great cultural attraction, since this city, founded in 600 BC by the Celts, was inhabited by different civilizations that left their traces in the different buildings that can be seen today.

In turn, the art galleries, the museums, the agenda elaborated around fashion and the nightlife of this metropolis permanently attract artists and personalities from different countries, which contribute to the eclecticism of this sophisticated city.


How Is the Culture in Milan


Eating and Drinking in Milan


Milan's cuisine is an exact reflection of this city. Being one of the most prosperous cities in Italy and the capital of European fashion, its most outstanding dishes show refined tastes and expensive ingredients.

If you want to try one of these exclusive delicacies, we recommend you try the risotto, since the saffron that is used in this preparation makes it stand out from any other risotto in the world.

However, if your budget is a little tighter, don't worry, because around the city center you will find many places where you can try delicious but less ostentatious traditional cuisine, such as the famous minestrone, a kind of rice stew and vegetables.

And you cannot leave Milan without experiencing its famous aperitifs, a custom that consists of accompanying an alcoholic drink, such as the Aperol, the Negroni or the traditional Vermouth, with something to snack on before eating. In Milan, these aperitifs have become so popular that you will even find the “Apricena” offer, in which the cocktails come with an open buffet.

As for desserts, we recommend you try the tiramisu and the Milan ice creams, you won't regret it.


Fashion Week in Milan


If you plan a trip to Milan, you should know that one of the most fascinating events for lovers of clothing design, makeup and the fashion industry in general takes place in this incredible city: Fashion Week.

This artistic event takes place twice a year during the September-October and January-February seasons.


The Importance of Fashion Week in Milan


The shows that take place in Milan during fashion week are events that bring together the best of haute couture with elements of avant-garde art, and are part, along with the shows in New York, London and Paris, of the four world fashion weeks.

Established and emerging designers coexist at these events, and while some shows are open to the public, others can only be accessed by invitation.

For these dates you will see that the city is filled with night parties and the urban style of the passers-by reflects the latest trends. It is without a doubt, the moment in which the already glamorous Milan brings out its most elegant façade and the festive atmosphere is lived in every corner.

If you are a lover of fashion or art, make your visit coincide with fashion week, it will be an event that you will not forget.


What to Give If you Travel to Milan


Undoubtedly, traveling to the capital of European fashion and not bringing any designer item as a gift should be included in the list of deadly sins, and that is that if there is something indisputable, it is that Milan has elegance and innovation engraved on every corner.

So whether your honoree is a fashion fan who loves to rock novelty clothes to every event, or a stay-at-home person who enjoys a home with unique and functional pieces, or an art lover who appreciates the works more avant-garde, you will find in Milan the best design objects to become your favorite friend.

The only difficulty will be giving away these items of clothing, art or household items once you see how beautiful they look among your own things, buy for two to prevent. You're warned!


The Best of Milan


If you are thinking of getting to know Milan, then you should know that this city has a great historical and cultural wealth, which can be seen in its architectural jewels and the design objects that stand out in the shop windows.

Some of the most emblematic sites of this beautiful city are the Duomo Square, the Milan Cathedral, the Teatro alla Scala, the Vittorio Emannuele II Gallery, the Piazza Mercanti, the Sforzesco Castle, the Sempione Park and, of course, the shops of the most prominent shopping areas, just to name a few of the jewels of the city.

If you are a lover of archeology and history then you cannot miss visiting the impressive Archaeological Museum, the Ambrosiana art gallery and the Church of San Maurizio.

And to close with a flourish, be sure to walk the Naviglio Grande canal at sunset or late at night, the spectacle of the sky and the lights of the shops reflected in the water will make your walk one that will remain in your memory even if you don't take pictures.


What to See and Do in Milan


Milan stands out for its cosmopolitan atmosphere, its buildings that account for the different historical periods and its artistic life, completely crossed by the fashion industry. This makes it one of the most visited destinations in the world.

Also, due to its proximity to Venice, Florence and Rome, many tourists choose to combine these destinations with their trip to Milan and continue discovering the treasures of Italy.

Are you looking for architectural gems and avant-garde art? Do you want to try the most sophisticated gastronomy while you relax in the most luxurious places? Do you want to know the most outstanding city of fashion?

If the answer is "Yes", in Greca we have the best proposals for tourist packages to Milan, which you can modify and adapt according to your needs and times.

There are travel packages for all tastes. Choose your own adventure according to your needs!

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