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    General Information of Assisi


    Assisi is an Italian city that is in the province of Perugia and is only a couple of kilometers from important cities such as Florence and Rome. It has a population of approximately 5,000 people. 

    It is a city with medieval touches in its architectural structures and is considered a religious center since it is the birthplace of famous saints such as Saint Francis and Saint Claire. It is thanks to its cultural and historical monuments that it was declared in the year 2000 as a World Heritage Site. 

    Assisi is a small city that can be covered in one day. It takes place on top of a hill and around it rises a magnificent landscape full of plains, mountains, and green fields. 


    Get to Know Assisi


    Assisi is a city of pleasant summers and warm springs, so it is recommended to visit it from April to June. Also, during these months you can enjoy the place better because there are not as many tourists as in high season. 

    Assisi stands out for being a city of medieval architecture and religious temples that every year attracts tourists and pilgrims to its interiors which have beautiful works of art and tranquility to pray if you wish. 

    Being a small city, it is possible to visit it in one day. You will be fascinated by its imposing churches, but also by its simple and cozy streets where rural houses and artisan shops take place. 


    Activities in Assisi


    Assisi offers different activities to tourists who decide to visit it, from excursions through its most important tourist attractions to balloon trips. 

    On your visit to Assisi, you cannot miss the excursions through its most important religious temples, nor can you miss the different Roman remains that are scattered throughout the city. 

    Balloon rides are chosen by the most intrepid tourists. In these you can enjoy a unique panoramic view of the city, the heights will show you an incomparable experience where you will know everything from a new perspective. 

    The city has a very good reputation in terms of wine production, it is said that they are of very high quality, so you will find all kinds of offers of tastings of this alcoholic beverage and often combined with cheese or olive oil tasting. 


    What to See and Do in Assisi


    Assisi is a famous destination for being a religious and cultural center, it also stands out for the history told by the different buildings that take place along the streets of the city. 

    Tourists choose to visit the city of Assisi because of its proximity to other places of interest such as Rome and Florence

    Would you like to save time when it comes to getting your tickets for tourist attractions? With Greca we offer you to find one-day tours of the most striking tourist sites in Assisi and save you that waiting time.

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